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When you advertise in the Northeast Journal, you are delivering a number of very important messages about your business. The most obvious one spells out what you offer in terms of goods and/or services. When written and designed well, an ad can also reveal a great deal about your company’s vision, mission and values. However, one of the most important messages you are broadcasting by advertising in the Northeast Journal is your commitment to YOUR community. The Northeast Journal is distributed bi-monthly to the single-family homes throughout the Old Northeast and Snell Isle. This highly desirable target audience loves reading about their neighbors doing good things in and for the community. By aligning your advertising message in this feel-good, community-building publication, you are getting into the hearts and minds of these readers and making a positive and lasting impression! You can’t ask for better branding than that!  Click here for more information and to see our rate sheet.

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Get more visitors to your website by advertising on our website! As an advertiser in our print publication, and for a nominal extra fee, we’ll post a display ad and a link to your website to broadcast your message even further afield.

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