A vintage postcard showing a drawing of St. Petersburg, Florida with the words "Aerial view of the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. 'The Sunshine City'"
Vintage St. Pete postcard, courtesy of Florida Memory.

Established in September 2004, the Northeast Journal is published bi-monthly and carefully hand-delivered to a multitude of households in the Northeast section of St. Petersburg, Florida. Other neighboring residents may pick up a copy at a variety of convenient locations in the Old Northeast and in the downtown area, all free of charge. We believe in “paying forward” what’s good about a community! Click here to find out where you may pick one up, or if you live outside the area, contact us to subscribe.

The Northeast Journal is primarily a print publication because we can’t shake the notion that something tangible – the feel of smooth, super high-quality (recycled!) paper; the warm glow of a cream-colored background brightened throughout by upbeat, full-color photos; the ease of settling into your comfy chair, paper in hand, to get to know your neighbors as you read about all the good they are doing – can ever be replaced by a flat screen. Don’t be fooled: We love the web and we’re happy you’re here! We just know to our core how passionately our readers value our look and feel, and we are sticking with it.

While we are not located in the Northeast (USA), we have modeled the concept after two papers from Vermont. Founder Jen MacMillen bought a quarterly publication in her hometown of Quechee, VT in 1995 when her first child was just six months old. Faced with the emotionally impossible decision to put her daughter in day care, she had to make a career choice. She heard through the grapevine that the Quechee Times was for sale to the right person. She ended up being that person and then, two years later, launched the Norwich Times in a village just a few miles up the road. The parallel between the “good people, good places, and good things happening” in these Vermont communities and those in Northeast St. Pete inspired her to launch the Northeast Journal after spending many vacations here. The ripple began in Vermont and has already made its way to the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State!