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Welcome to the Northeast Journal of Beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida

Welcome to the Northeast Journal. In these pages, you will find inspiration and a positive, upbeat feeling as you read solely about the “good people, good places and good things happening” in Northeast St. Petersburg and surrounding areas. What you won’t see is the sensationalist, controversial or downright negative views on which many conventional media sources focus. Ahhh, now that’s refreshing news!

We at the Northeast Journal believe that everyone has a good story to tell, and that the best way to build a vibrant, positive, connected and thriving community is to feature these good stories and spread them around. It only takes a few people to start, then the ripple effect ensues and pretty soon more and more people are feeling good about where they live and about the people in their neighborhood. This, in turn, inspires more good deeds and more good stories to tell… and onward and upward!

Here are just some of the themes we regularly feature:

Goodness InDeed – Here you will meet people or organizations doing good deeds in and for the community. One good deed deserves another, as the saying goes!

People and Pets – St. Pete is a pet-loving town! A photographic look guaranteed to make you smile. It really is often true that we resemble our pets… take a look

Meet Your Neighbor – One of our readers’ favorites! Three people are randomly chosen to answer the same questions. It is remarkable how someone’s response to “If there were an eighth dwarf in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which one would you be?” can reveal so much about that person!

Green Page – Everyone on earth, thankfully, is jumping on the bandwagon to help heal and preserve our precious natural resources. Here are some inspiring examples of how residents of our community are doing things… now that’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Local History – Since our very first issue, we have been extremely fortunate to have Will Michaels write about the history of St. Petersburg. From this city’s love of baseball to its rich railroad past, to its extensive gem of a waterfront, readers learn about how this wonderful city was shaped, and about the cast of characters who had the vision, gumption and know-how to make St. Petersburg the fabulous place it is today!

The Northeast Journal was established in September 2004 and is published six times a year. Please browse this site and get to know the “good people, good places and good things happening” here. We bet you will be inspired to do something good today, as well!